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[01 Sep 2014|05:53am]
Player Information
Name: Fi

Character Information
Name: Jenny Flint
Journal Name: thenotgreenone
Fandom: Doctor Who
Link to Icon for Taken List: here
Age: 28
Race: Human
Special Abilities: Combat with firearms and hand to hand.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Point in Canon: Deep Breathe
Brief History (or wiki link): here
Brief Personality: Jenny is a very proper lady, but like all humans she does have her flaws, she's often sarcastic, jealous, and hide her feelings well from others, but her wife. Due to being married to a lizard, she aware of her surrounds since they live in the past and she poses as a maid for her wife. She's proud of her wife, she loyal to her friends and a few times now she joined the fight, thinking they were going to die and she never ran away. Jenny demands respect out of circumstances and the lifestyle she chooses for herself, but once you get to know her, learn about her, you will respect her on your own..

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